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BSc(Hons), PhD, GradDip (Career Development), GradDip(Psychology), Professional Member of CDANZ.

Professional counselling for clarity

Jo Davies has the knowledge and skills to help you understand your personality, interests and values, so that it’s easier to make good decisions about your future. Her guidance can crystallise plans for your working life, whether you’re still at school or already in the workforce.

“I’ve helped over two thousand secondary and tertiary students make informed decisions about their future career directions. The insights I reveal assist with subject choices, as well as finding the most appropriate trade or tertiary programme. I also work with people who are already working. At any stage of your career, career counselling can help to clarify future career directions.”

Professional guidance for clarity

Solve the puzzle that is you

The puzzle that is you

Before she became a career counsellor, Jo was a scientist. She holds a PhD in marine biogeochemistry and worked as a consultant for many years. You’ll find Jo’s advice hugely helpful if you think your career is destined to follow a scientific path, however science isn’t her only strong point - her knowledge and experience extend to every industry sector in New Zealand.

“I love listening to people, helping them hear themselves and providing them with the opportunity to see what really matters to them. You could say I’m a ‘decoder’, because I help each person to solve their own puzzle. Don’t be surprised when I tell you it’s not my role to tell you what to be. My style of counselling is about working together so that you can do this for yourself.”

Informed Insight

The puzzle that is you

Jo completed a Graduate Diploma in Career Development through AUT in 2009 and always keen to enhance her practise and indulge her love of life-long learning, Jo also recently completed a tertiary qualification in psychology.

“My psychology training has given me further insight into how I can help people know themselves, and then connect with a career choice they’ll enjoy. Finding the right path enhances mental and physical wellbeing throughout life.”

Options and opportunities

The puzzle that is you

A key part of Jo’s work is staying in touch with career opportunities and tertiary training courses throughout New Zealand, so that she can offer accurate guidance about next steps. Jo is a walking encyclopaedia of careers, roles and university programmes.

“I believe that a fulfilling career is possible for everyone, and I’m passionate about helping as many people as I can to achieve this goal. Too many people choose careers that don’t suit them. I help people to get it right, at any stage of their life.”

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