Returning to work?

What to do?

Questions to ask yourself

  • Are you wanting to return to work after a long break?
  • Are you concerned that your skills are out of date?
  • Do you feel you’ve never really had a career that you care about?
  • Is your CV out of date or does it have unexplained gaps?
  • Do you lack confidence?

Many Questions

Embrace the opportunity

If you’ve had an extended break from work, getting back into the workforce can be daunting. You may think your skills are out of date and technology has left you behind. Or you might feel that you don’t want to return to your previous career.

Whatever your circumstances, career counselling with Career Sense will help you to turn the returning-to-work challenge into an opportunity for growth and work satisfaction.

“After a session with Jo, I gained a more in depth understanding of my own capabilities and also clarity as to what type of work I was seeking which would utilise both my qualifications and previous work experience, and also work in best with my family and current lifestyle.”

Opportunity for change

Let self-knowledge lead the way

Your career counselling begins with exercises that reveal how you can achieve career satisfaction. As with people deciding on their first career direction or those changing careers, this involves a thorough assessment of who you are (your personality), what you care about (your values), what you like to do (your skills) and what interests you.

When you analyse this information with Jo Davies, your counsellor, it will point to career options that are compatible with your personality, skills and family priorities.

Knowledge about self

A plan you can put into action

At the conclusion of your counselling, you’ll know what to do next. Jo will present you with an information package that includes your personal profile, goals, suitable career options or types of work, training possibilities, interview tips and ideas for improving your CV.

You’ll also get advice about how to juggle other life roles and responsibilities. Working out how to balance or prioritise all your competing roles can give you the freedom to move forward, even if it all felt too hard before.

Dreams to reality

Ready for a fresh start?
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