Career Sense is offering online Career Direction Counselling at the Red level

We offer remote career counselling using Zoom and our innovative online career direction tool - Career Sense Insight©.

A counselling session with Career Sense combines online career activities and assessments with one-to-one career counselling to get the answers you need. Our adaptive software tool - Career Sense Insight© - is customised to New Zealand’s educational opportunities and has already helped solve career direction questions for many people located throughout New Zealand and as far afield as England.

Whether you’re still at school or have been working for years, you can use this valuable time to plan your future.

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Career Practitioners - if you are interested in taking advantage of Career Sense Insight’s unique remote career direction counselling capability please use the Contact Us page and send a message or give Jo a call directly 09-449-2312.

Professional guidance for clarity

Career Sense

on Auckland’s North Shore provides personalised and independent career counselling either remotely or face-to-face using our innovative online tool Career Sense Insight©, to help you find a career direction that is true to your personality, personal interests, values and abilities.

By understanding who you are and what’s important to you, you and your counsellor can find the answers you’re looking for.

Counselling is conducted by Jo Davies, a highly experienced career counsellor with a science background and psychology training. Jo has already helped 1800 clients make decisions about their future.

Professional guidance for clarity

Why consider career counselling?

Comprehensive career counselling can help you to identify your future career direction and allow you to move forward with clarity and confidence.

Individualised career counselling is recognised as the most effective way to solve career-related questions. It is specifically tailored to your needs and helps you make decisions that are true to your unique characteristics.

You leave the career counselling session with a 15-page career profile about what you are looking for in a career. During your session you use this new knowledge to identify the careers that suit you well which gives you a deep understanding and belief in the results. After counselling you are more likely to:

  • Select the appropriate course to get to your chosen career
  • Enjoy studying and obtain your best grades
  • Complete your qualification, and do so in the minimum time
  • Have a satisfying and fulfilling working life

The puzzle that is you

How helpful is Career Sense counselling?

We asked clients to rate the helpfulness of Career Sense career counselling:

29% gave us 10/10
60% gave us 9/10 or more
93% gave us 8/10 or more
100% gave us 7/10 or more

"Jo really helped me improve the clarity of my career direction. She has a highly methodical, yet empathetic approach and she clearly has a great deal of knowledge about the employment market. I took to her friendly but direct style instantly, and I appreciated her determination to answer the questions I came to her with in the most efficient, professional manner possible. Jo puts her clients first and if needed she will go the extra mile. I’d strongly recommend her services to any young person, graduate or professional pondering where to take their career."

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